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Wooden constructions

Houses and Cottages

With over 20 years of experience, Green Wood House specializes in constructing eco-friendly houses and cottages using high-quality wooden structures. Our designs come in various configurations, ensuring superior energy efficiency.

About Green Wood House

We produce eco-friendly houses and cottage from premium-quality wood

Our team is comprised of specialists who will advise you from the early stages of your idea, ensuring that in the end, you have the much-desired house that will give you satisfaction and joy.

It’s that simple with Green Wood House: you tell us what you desire, and our specialists search for optimized technical solutions for your project, ensuring durability, safety, and comfort!


Our services

What services we offer

We love elevating wood to the level of art by providing a complete range of services for wooden houses and cottage. Our satisfaction lies in the joyful and fulfilled smiles of our customers.

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+40 787 342 284

+40 787 342 284

Green Wood House

Meet our benefits

Because we love crafting wooden houses and cottages, and our main goal is customer satisfaction, we offer the following benefits:

  • 01
    Professional builders
    Our team consists of professional builders with extensive experience in the field.
  • 02
    Best wooden materials
    We carefully select high-quality wood materials that have a very long lifespan in any weather conditions.
  • 03
    Adherence to Deadlines
    We are stringent in adhering to the deadlines set at the beginning of our collaboration.
  • 04
    We collaborate with the best architects in the field to create high-quality and sustainable projects.
  • 05
    Technological advice
    We provide technological advice to customers whenever needed to make the best decisions.
  • 06
    Energy-Efficient houses
    We build durable houses on wooden structures to high quality standards with excellent energy efficiency.

Stages of construction

Building a house on a wooden structure is a complex process, but it brings great satisfaction to the new homeowners in the end.

Project development
Foundation construction
House assembly
Exterior finishes
Interior finishes

When we build a house, we do it as if it were for ourselves, to make the customer happy

Khun Istvan
We build any type of wooden house

House projects

What our customers are looking for

Popular projects

House model

Mountain Chalet Dorna

Perfect cottage/house model for mountain areas.
House model

Mountain Chalet Belis

Model of a cottage/house for mountainous areas with a ground floor elevation and a cute and elegant design.
House model

A Shape Bungalow

Prefab modular cottage model, perfect for holiday areas.

A few words from our happy customers

Olaru Ianis

Everything went flawlessly with Green Wood House, from the first consultation to the completion of the project. My family's dream has been fulfilled. I recommend with all confidence!

Popescu Laurențiu

Thank you Green Wood House for making my dream of a wooden house a wonderful reality! You are extraordinary!

Hrișcă Laura

I highly recommend Green Wood House. Professionalism, quality materials and impeccable commitment.

Maftei Adrian

Quality materials and efficiency in the construction process. Green Wood House strictly adhered to the set deadlines and delivered the final project on time. This organized and dedicated approach to detail contributed significantly to my comfort and stress-free construction.